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Funding that improves healthcare experiences.

We're building a new way for Canadians to earn money for out-of-pocket healthcare costs while generating useful knowledge for all. 

Our focus area
We're dedicated to neutralizing the economic burden of cancer on individuals, families, and society in Canada.



Average monthly direct out-of-pocket expenses for adult patients and caregivers


Average monthly direct out-of-pocket expenses for pediatric patients and caregivers


Impact of psychosocial costs leading to poorer clinical and economic outcomes

Iragorri, N.; de Oliveira, C.; Fitzgerald, N.; Essue, B. The Out-of-Pocket Cost Burden of Cancer Care—A Systematic Literature Review. Curr. Oncol. 2021, 28, 1216-1248.

Make an impact that changes lives.

Healthcard provides a fast and reliable way for individuals and organizations to directly support patients with funding while easily tracking impact. In exchange, patients can anonymously share their treatment experiences to help build organized knowledge to improve future treatment for all. 


Deliver Funding

Our algorithms estimate the amount of funding needed for each diagnosis and automatically verify information to deliver funding when it's needed most. 



Track Impact

Patients earn funding by anonymously providing useful information about their treatment that is analyzed to improve services and impact reporting.



Get Rewarded 

In addition to building better cancer information for all, we're creating new ways for individuals and organizations to save and earn for doing their part.


Our Platform

Health institutions and non-profit organizations need more efficient ways to financially support patients while learning from their individual experiences. We use technology for social good, allowing our platform to deliver funding that is fast, effective, and capital efficient. 

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Leading innovation
with trusted Canadian institutions

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